Spate of burglaries and thefts in Claverdon


A worrying five-day run of burglaries and thefts in Claverdon last week is being investigated by police.

Claverdon is the second village in the district to experience an upsetting crime wave in recent weeks, with eleven burglaries reported in Bidford over one night the previous week.

Two burglaries, two car thefts and two other thefts were reported in Claverdon between 30th October and 2nd November.

The first two incidents occurred at the hotel car park at The Cumsey when two Ford Mondeos were stolen.

The first vehicle was taken sometime between 6pm on 29th October and 9.30am on 30th October, while the other theft took place between 6pm on 29th October and 0.30am on 30th October.

On 30th October at 10.52pm the garage of a residential property on Langley Road was broken into and a person was seen running away.

The next incident occurred between 11pm on 31st October and 7.40am on 1st November when a VW Crafter works van was broken into, but nothing was stolen.

The 1st November also saw another garage at a residential property forced open during the day, this time on St Michael’s Road, though nothing was taken.

The following day on 2nd November St Michael’s Road was also the scene of a theft when a terracotta plat pot with a small tree inside was stolen between 6pm and 6.30pm.

Special inspector, David Malin of the Alcester North Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “The team will be targeting Claverdon now because we have seen this series of incidents and there will be increased patrols in that area. Also the local neighbourhood Watch organisation will be disseminating information to help keep residents safe from crime.

“My advice to residents would be to call 101 of you notice anything suspicions and to keep a light on during the evenings now that the nights are getting darker earlier.”

David confirmed that police are loosely linking the incidents due to the short time period over which they occurred.

If you have any information about any of these incidents call 101.


  • Lindsay Pickering

    Actually they were the second and third villages, Gaydon had a whole road hit with sheds being broken into on one night but this has been forgotten.

    • Stratford Herald

      The responsibility for putting out information about reported crimes in Warwickshire falls to the Safer Neighbourhood Teams. Our contact with some is better than others, Gaydon being not one of the better ones, hence why we haven’t heard about this.

  • RJH

    Are there any new ‘residents’ or ‘visitors’ in the area lately?