Offending drivers targeted in police operation


Lawbreaking motorists were targeted during a week-long campaign by Warwickshire Police this month.

During Operation Tramline (31st October- 5th November) 75 motorists were stopped and spoken to with 50 offences reported.

Officers from Warwickshire’s Operational Patrol Unit used an unmarked HGV to patrol the M40, M42 and M6 during the week.

The use of mobile phones at the wheel was by far the most common offence, with 31 drivers caught, while other crimes included driving without tax or insurance, speeding and carrying excess weight.

In addition the officers were able to intercept and recover a stolen Mitsubishi valued at £25,000 from which a man was taken into custody.

A 25 year-old man from Hinckley was arrested on suspicion of theft of motor vehicle, and was transferred to Gloucestershire Police.

PC Dave Mulhall of Warwickshire Police said: “Engaging in activities which distract the driver from the road ahead such as using a mobile phone are taken very seriously.

“If drivers are looking down at their phone they will be much less aware of what’s happening on the road around them; they’re more likely to tailgate the vehicle in front, fail to stay in the correct lane and be less aware of road signs are traffic lights.”

PC Wayne Knight, added: “Using a mobile phone behind the wheel significantly increases your risk of being involved in a crash. If drivers are talking, texting or using the internet on their phones they are distracted from the job at hand and will therefore take longer to brake and longer to stop.

“Our aim is to make the roads of Warwickshire as safe as possible and the HGV we have used this week is a great tool for identifying those offences.

“I hope that those motorists spoken to will appreciate the potentially serious consequences of their actions and our presence on the roads, visible or otherwise, will deter some drivers but reassure most.”