Stratford’s big wheel stops turning

Stratford's big wheel as seen from Stratford Cricket Club by the Recreation Ground last summer. Photo: Mark Williamson

STRATFORD-upon-Avon’s controversial big wheel has stopped turning and is currently being dismantled before heading off to Leicester this evening, Tuesday.

The 144 seater wheel opened to the public in April but provoked criticism from some locals who said Stratford was not the type of town that needed a seaside attraction more suited to Blackpool.

Others welcomed the wheel as an alternative to Shakespeare and something families could enjoy.

Jan de Koning, director of de Koning Leisure Group Ltd – who own the observation wheel -said no decision had been made to return to Stratford in the future.

The wheel was due to be dismantled in October as previously agreed by its operators and Stratford District Council.


  • SFX2017

    Hopefully it will be back and a permanent resident!!!!

  • Trevor Nelmes

    It is an eyesore I drive past every day. I shall be glad to see it gone. It is totally out of place.

    • SFX2017

      Your totally out of place 🙂

  • wicked messenger

    Goodbye! Good riddance!

  • Anna Lawrence

    I thought it a fabulous addition to Stratford, which after all, for all its pretensions, is just like the seaside without the sea. The views from the top were great.

    • Lou Cifer

      Hey Anna, the views from the top of Stratford Hospital car park are fabulous as well and free for 30mins, you can see all the way to Redditch upon Avon

  • Lou Cifer

    I think it should be back permanently it was amazing you could see the fire station on waterside and the one on Mason Road, the welcombe hills obelisk, and on a clear day you could see the maybird centre and the traffic jam on the birmingham road.