Computer nostalgia event raises £1,000

Simon Handy, owner of Bidford Computers, with visitors at the computer nostalgia weekend.

Those who know their Amstrads and Acorns from their Ataris and Comadores took as nostalgic walk down memory lane last week as a Bidford Computer shop hosted a special charity event.

The Computer Nostalgia Weekend at Bidford Computers raised around £1,000 for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital last Sunday, as the shop was transformed into a retro computer museum.

Simon Handy, who owns Bidford Computers, said: “I think the machine which had the most interest was the BBC Micro. It was made by acorn and I think a lot of the adults had memories of using one in the 1980s or 1990s. It’s actually quite rare to see one up and running these days because they weren’t renowned for their build quality.

“We had a whole range vintage computers, with old games and our retro gaming cabinet was very popular, Pacman is always a favourite.

“I think it will be about £1,000 that we raised over the course of the weekend, which is fantastic and I’m sure it will make a difference to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

“Hopefully I’ll run another event next year, maybe focussing specifically on retro gaming and consoles as opposed to home computers.

“It was a great event and I’d like to thank everybody who came and supported it, I’m chuffed that we raised so much for the charity.”

  • mfraz74

    Has someone run the story through a spell checker? It was Commodore not Comadore and no capital A for Acorn.
    Plus there are plenty of BBC B computers still running as they were very well built.