Wellesbourne restaurant plan to be considered tonight

Stratford District Council

Plans for a new restaurant in Wellesbourne are set to be approved by planners at Stratford District Council tonight, despite local opposition.

The application to convert the former Bargain Booze shop on Warwick Road into a restaurant will be considered at the Eastern Area Planning Committee meeting, with planning officers recommending that the plan be approved.

If approved, the restaurant would be able to serve up to 38 diners between the hours of 5-11pm and a flue would also be installed on the building.

However a number of objections have been submitted to the council with local residents highlighting the potential noise, smells and parking problems they believe such a business could bring.

An assessment by Environmental Health agreed that the business would have an impact on those living close by, but these concerns could be controlled with good management and planning control conditions.

The applicant has already made alterations to the proposal, removing the takeaway aspect of the restaurant, following a Highway Authority objection to the scheme.

  • SFX2017

    I guess there just annoyed they cant get cheap booze anymore!!

  • Centre Parting

    It sits between a chip shop, a pub with a big restaurant and an Indian restaurant ?

  • Dom Winter

    That decision to grant change of use meant that the offer we had on the stunning flat above had to be withdrawn because mortgage company wouldn’t lend against the property. Apart from the fact it’s cost us over £600 In wasted fees, it’s a totally stupid decision. There were retail companies interested and if the landlord wanted to rent to a retail company he’d have to apply for change of use again … legally he can’t install the flue against the flat without the leaseholders permission … the flat is now seriously devalued, no one wants a restaurant there, retail companies can’t use it and it’s still employ … what an amazingly stupid decision !!!