Now his mum Donna Mayall, from Lower Quinton, who has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about cardiac arrest in young people since Adam’s death, has managed to raise over £12,000.

This money is being used to offer free heart screening to 200 young people aged between 14 and 35 at Warwickshire College’s Henley-in-Arden Campus next week.

“Adam was incredibly fit and took good care of himself, but suffered unknowingly to him from Brugada Syndrome, which is not a physical heart defect but a condition that affects the electrical function of the heart,” Donna told the Herald.

“The rhythm becomes abnormal and causes blackouts and cardiac arrest.

“After his death I discovered that he could possibly still be alive today if the heart defect had been detected during heart screening, but I was even more alarmed to discover that at least 12 young people per week die from sudden adult death in the UK.”

On Tuesday and Wednesday (4th and 5th February), young people will be able to get a free heart screening at the Henley campus on Stratford Road.

The college has also named an award in memory of Adam, entitled Fitness Personality of the Year, which is awarded at the end of each college year.

Donna said: “I would like to offer heart screening to anybody who fits the heart screening age criteria, it will be free of charge as it’s funded by my son’s memorial fund.”

To register for the Heart Screening visit