Neolithic burial ground revealed

Farmer John Spencer is pictured in the centre of the ancient henge.

AN ancient henge believed to date back nearly 6,000 years, was blessed by the Bishop of Coventry during a recent Rogation Service.

The remains of five Bronze Age skeletons were uncovered on the fields of Mansell Farm in Newbold-on-Stour.

John said: “The circle found was where we had the muck heap. It was quite a shock to me when the bodies were discovered. It shook me the condition they are in.”

Archaeology Warwickshire’s Business Manager said: “The exciting archaeological remains include a rare and extremely important Neolithic henge monument and the buried remains of five people, which very unusually for this area, have survived as complete skeletons.

“The henge was an earthwork structure, which unlike its famous counterparts Avebury and Stonehenge, was a simple design consisting of a ditch that was dug in segments and a bank made up of the material thrown up from the ditch.”

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