Strong opposition emerges against Bordon Hill homes

‘This is the first big test for Stratford’s core strategy’ — residents

Luddington Road residents came out to protest against the housing plan last year.

A CONTROVERSIAL planning application on Bordon Hill in Stratford-upon-Avon has sparked anger among nearby residents, who are urging the council to back its core strategy and reject the plan.

The application, submitted to Stratford-on-Avon District Council by Bellway Homes, sets out plans for 99 one-, two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom homes. Bellway Homes say that the proposal is in keeping with the character area, which is becoming increasingly urbanised, and helps address the need for more houses within the district.

However, during a public consultation into the development in November members of the public expressed concerns about access to the site from Evesham Road.

Comments on the planning application show residents believe that the addition of extra cars from the development would only exacerbate existing traffic problems on this approach into Stratford.

Others have been vocal is pointing out that the land is not included within Stratford’s core strategy that sets out the development of Stratford up until 2031.

Commenting on the application, Luddington Road resident, Jon Warrender, said: “Our family have been here on Luddington Road for 26 years and with the threat of the south western relief road, feel that this area along with its semi-rural location is being undermined by pure greed.

“This would only put more pressure on schools and medical services in the area too. There have been applications before whilst we have lived here which have been rejected due to drainage, flood risk and conservation. Please don’t tell me this is all going to be ignored this time.”

Hannah Dixon said: “It is concerning that the developers have not taken on any of the feedback left at November’s consultation and they seem to have actually increased the number of houses proposed at the site.

“There’s probably around 25 houses that would be directly impacted by this development but we were told that the core strategy would protect us from speculative developers. This is probably the first big test for the core strategy and if they allow this development to go ahead it would really make that document redundant.

“This site is not earmarked for potential housing development in the core strategy and it’s proposed outside the built up area of Stratford. With the development at Shottery approved and the relief road possibly being built within a few years, all this would completely change the character of this area of town.”

Marie Hardwick, who lives on Luddington Road, added: “We’re incredibly concerned and disappointed that this application has gone in and we will be objecting to it. We were very shocked that the relief road went into the core strategy, but now we’ve seen this go in, when this land was not set aside for housing in that document.

“The council need to think very carefully about this planning application, we have a number of serious concerns such as the potential flooding risk and the loss of wildlife habitats.

“I think it would be very unsafe to have cars from this development exiting onto Evesham Road and I think there is the potential for fatalities.

“These houses will overlook Luddington Road, potentially blocking light, and I think they would really affect people’s lives and privacy. We want to totally stop this application, but at the very least the area would need to be less densely filled with houses and moved back further away from Luddington Road.”

Back in 2000 a residential housing application to build at the site was rejected by Stratford District Council.

A decision on the new application could be made as soon as the end of June.

  • milo

    Pretty simple – does the adopted core strategy allow for these house to be built. if not how would this get approved. im guessing under the table. the members in this part of town are bit of a joke.