End of the line for Clopton Road’s ‘dog on a log’?

The dog took up residence on a 10ft tree stump on Clopton Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, since 2015. Photo: Mark Williamson (C4/2/15/12)

A popular landmark is set to disappear from Stratford after Warwickshire County Council confirmed that a large tree stump with a stuffed toy dog on top will be removed.

Residents of Clopton Road were left scratching their heads in 2015 when the dog was mysteriously placed on top of the tall stump, following council work to make the tree safe following storm damage.

The unusual monument has proved popular with residents ever since, but this week after barriers were spotted around the stump, Warwickshire County Council confirmed that the tree will soon be removed.

  • milo

    Can we replace it with a plinth?

  • RJH