Time running out to have your say on Stratford’s Transport Strategy

The Transport Strategy was presented to the public during last month's Stratford Transport Summit.

Time is running out to comment on Stratford’s draft Transport Strategy, which sets out a plan to combat congestion and pollution in the town.

The Strategy was launched at the town’s transport summit last month and the deadline to leave comments on the plan is next Thursday 23rd March.

Its other aims include encouraging more people to cycle or find alternatives to the car and to protect the historic core of Stratford.

Cllr Peter Butlin, Deputy Leader of Warwickshire County Council and Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Transport and Planning, said:

“The transport strategy sets out the County and District Councils’ proposals for tackling the existing and future transport issues in Stratford. The consultation is an important part of the process of developing the strategy.

“Our aim is to have a cohesive strategy that is supported by the town’s residents and businesses and it is important that the people who live and work in Stratford and who rely on the town’s transport system have their say. Once we have an agreed strategy we will then be able to develop the detailed plans for delivering the ideas contained in the strategy.”

Since its launch last month, it has become clear that not all elements of the plan have been universally popular, with some residents angry at the proposal for a south western relief road.

This week the Herald also revealed that a project to improve Birmingham Road had failed to secure £2.7million of funding from the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership, leaving a cloud of uncertainty over this aspect of the scheme.

To take part in the consultation into Stratford’s Transport Strategy visit https://askwarks.wordpress.com/.

  • wicked messenger

    It’s a shame that Mr Zahawi couldn’t have lobbied harder for the Birmingham Road funding, but never mind, he is a very busy man. Good to see that he secured a £253,200 bonus for himself, in his main job pimping for a Middle East oil company. That’s the important thing.

  • old_moaning

    A cobbled together bit of fantasisa…On reflection they obviously knew at the transport summit that funding for the Birmingham Rd changes had either already been rejected or were likely to be …which was why it was hardly mentioned

    Still Robert Vaudry who did most of the talking has already quit to devote his time to accumulating even more money

    ..and our esteemed MP? well I don’t even think it’s even worth commenting there!

  • RJH

    Never trust a rich man.

  • Lou Cifer

    why so much bitching about his salary, what has this got to do with his salary.. absolutely nothing, if you don’t like the man for enriching himself or his performance as an MP then don’t vote for him, moreover if he has fiddled a few quid to heat is stables then he is or will be held accountable by a justice system that you all bought into as loyal citizens.


    • Simon Teale

      The point being made is that perhaps his higher paying work meant he wasn’t willing or able to make sufficient effort to lobby the LEP.

      If he was doing voluntary work as a Charity Trustee, for example, I am sure noone would consider how he applies his limited concentration.

      The perception is that such a large income corrupts his judgement.

      I am sure that is one of my colleagues had an additional income so much higher that his or her standard salary, we would be suspicious of their priorities.

  • johnie

    Another example of MP’s lack of commitment to the job. Osborne amongst others demonstrates that the MP job is really part-time and many use it to gain power influence and contacts for their main/future jobs. We only have to watch broadcasts from parliament to see how many are there at any particular time. The excuse is ‘working in the constituency’. Moving target strategy I believe.