John Brooks, Planning Director at ASL, said: “The appeal proposal, which includes the supermarket, is very much our priority. We have serious interest from supermarket operators and we continue to invest heavily in this proposal.”

The supermarket debate has divided Shipston in recent years with both pro and anti groups claiming a majority in the town.

Those in favour argue the supermarket will bring jobs to the town and allow residents easier access to cheaper food.

Those against say a supermarket on the edge of town will decimate the town centre and leave the High Street empty, and this was why the council rejected the initial application.

Mr Brooks said: “This new application has been prepared as a direct result of the distinct lack of support for our mixed use scheme by planning officers and committee members at Stratford District Council.

“Notably, it does not include the retail element of the development and therefore addresses the single outstanding area of concern raised by the council’s planning officers.

“It has also been submitted in light of the council’s recent acknowledgment that 10,800 new homes need to be built in the district between 2011 and 2031 and therefore we see no reasons as to why this new application should not be approved.”

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