Ambulance service’s ‘busiest day ever’


WEST Midlands Ambulance Service saw in 2017 with its busiest day ever.

It received 4,629 emergency calls on Sunday, 1st January – 807 more than the next busiest day, which was 1st January, 2011.

For the five days between Thursday, 29th December, to Monday, 2nd January, the service took 18,583 calls compared to 15,933 for the same period in 2015/16.

That equates to a 16.6 per cent rise in call numbers for the five days.

The evening of New Year’s Eve and the early hours of New Year’s Day were filled with alcohol related calls including assaults, falls and unconscious patients, but the majority of calls during the five days were for people who were unwell with the likes of breathing difficulties, chest pains and falls.

Chief executive, Anthony Marsh, said: “I am very grateful and proud of all the staff and volunteers that worked through this period.

“While the majority of people were enjoying time with family and friends, my staff were working 24 hours a day to keep the public of the West Midlands safe.

“Over the years we have developed incredibly detailed plans and made preparations for this incredibly busy period.

“Once again, that planning has paid off and we have met this challenge and continued to provide a very high standard of service to patients.

“This would not have been possible without the hard work, dedication and passion of my staff and I am extremely grateful for their continued efforts.”