“I was sitting one step away and as I saw him falling down I grabbed the back of his head before he hit the floor,” said Mr Dhillon.

“I put him into the first aid recovery position to get him on his side. He stopped breathing, I gave him CPR and he started breathing, but then he stopped breathing again so I kept doing it.

“Four or five times he left and came back again. I didn’t think he was going to make it to be honest with you.”

For seven minutes he worked hard to keep the council chairman alive while Warwickshire’s Chief Constable Andy Parker urgently dialled paramedics.

Julie Cook, a nurse who was among the guests, and retired nurse Suzzette Smith helped the Mayor before paramedics arrived and took over.

They worked for 45 minutes before Mr Dhillon and the Chief Constable carried Mr Davies down to the ambulance.

“Richard was responding and he was talking, saying I want to get up,” said the Mayor.

“He said why can’t I feel anything in my arms or legs and was asking for his wife.”

On Monday, Mr Davies’ wife Erica confirmed her husband was still in hospital and waiting for a major operation.

It is believed two of his arteries were blocked.

The Mayor now wants Warwick to be better equipped with public defibrillators.

On Saturday somebody rushed out to get one from Shire Hall but by the time they returned the ambulance was already there.

“It shouldn’t have taken this event to happen, but hindsight is a wonderful thing,” said Mr Dhillon.

“I just wish Richard a speedy recovery.”