Sunday marked the third anniversary of Conrad’s death – he was the 353rd UK soldier to be killed in Afghanistan. The charity 353 has been set up in his honour.

“We had a great week playing the song to 6,000 children at 11 different schools,” Andrew added. “Now I want to write some more material and get back into the studio.”

Conrad’s story touched the hearts of millions of people when his family revealed that they planned to bring home the stray mongrel adopted by the soldier while out in Afghanistan.

He shared his army rations with the dog he named Peg – after the flying horse Pegasus which is the emblem of the Paras – and after launching a search through an animal charity, the high-flying canine is now here in the Midlands following a six-month quarantine stay.

Soldier On, which was recorded at Rhythm Studios in Bidford-on-Avon, can be downloaded via the iTunes store or at