It is hoped each doctor will understand the conditions of their residents better because he/she knows the environment and conditions of their particular nursing home.

However, any elderly residents who want to keep their existing GP can do that also.

Stratford GP, Dr Ian Allwood said there were a number of benefits to having consistent GP cover in nursing homes.

“These dedicated GPs will have more time to build good working relationships with the staff, residents and their relatives and improve continuity of care,” he said.

“Having one doctor focusing on the needs of the majority, if not all, of the residents should increase the time available for patients and make better use of doctors’ time by allowing the doctor to dedicate time to spend in a specific nursing home.”

Residents will be able to build a relationship with their “nursing home GP”, it is hoped, and develop confidence that comes from seeing a regular familiar face.

It is hoped that long-term conditions such as heart disease will be managed better and picked up earlier, leading to fewer unplanned hospital visits.

Dr Allwood added: “Of course, some patients already have good relationships with their GPs and residents will have the opportunity to remain under the care of their current GP.

“The GPs will be carrying out ‘ward round’ type visits on a weekly basis and will have a reassuring presence in the homes.

“GPs will undertake regular reviews of long-term conditions, medications, general health and wellbeing.”