The struggling badger was taken to Vale Wildlife Hospital in Tewkesbury, Gloucester, where he was put under anaesthetic so that vets could remove the rest of the netting which was wrapped around his swollen legs.

Once the muddy net was removed the hapless badger was showered and sheltered and said to be making a full recovery.

“A badger’s instinct is to burrow through things and this chap’s obviously got himself in a right old tangle but happily he’s free now. We strongly advise people not to try and help trapped wild animals like badgers – just call the experts immediately,” said Jack Reedy, Chairman of Warwickshire Badger Group (WBG).

“A trapped animal is a dangerous one and they will fight and bite back because it’s their natural instinct to do so.”

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The male badger was tangled up in the muddy net.

After being freed, he was washed at the Wildlife Hospital in Tewkesbury. All photos from the RSPCA.