Buses ease congestion and demand for parking facilities. The success of which, however, depends on public interest and uptake. Brand new, top of the range vehicles will help to encourage more passengers to travel by bus, with an added novelty factor because they’re hybrids.

It is very poignant that this should happen just days after the announcement that fuel prices will go up once again. In the current economic climate, businesses are more susceptible to price increases than ever. Johnsons already spends 15% of its annual turnover on diesel and is convinced that this dependency needs to be moderated. Greener buses will not only serve to enhance the local community but to future proof a leading local employer.

Transport Minister Norman Baker said: “This funding means a better deal for passengers and encourages more people to travel by bus. It updates and improves services and infrastructure, reduces congestion, gives quieter journeys and with the introduction of new carbon friendly buses, reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions, creating a greener network.”