Cllr Mike Gittus (Cons) who sits on both Stratford District Council and Warwickshire County Council, said: “This is an extraordinary decision for the licensing panel to make.

“Much was made of the reduction of public nuisance in the vicinity of the application over the last two years.

“What the panel members clearly failed to understand, was that this reduction came about as a direct result of our police, the town’s youth club and voluntary workers.

“In my past professional opinion as a time-served uniformed police officer, this consent to a booze supermarket in this location will lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour.”

Alcester district councillor Sue Adams (Cons) was also critical of the panel’s decision.

She said: “I often chair these meetings and I understand the issues involved. It is very unusual for the police to object to an application and I would have thought that this in itself should have given weight to its rejection.”

Super Wines and Spirits has three other Midlands stores and a spokesman for the company said the police had never been called to any of the shops.

A CCTV system will be installed with cameras both inside and outside the shop which is in an alcohol restricted zone.