Karen Savage-Davies has a daughter in Year 9. “I think it’s disgusting that as parents we were not told something as serious as this,” she told the Herald.

The school wrote to her only after the report was published, and she thinks they tried to “brush it under the carpet”.

“Are we not entitled to know this information?” she asked.

“They say no-one was actually harmed. My question is, if we were told as parents when it happened we could have talked to all of our children. What if he had done something but a child has not come forward because parents weren’t informed?”

There was outrage on the Herald’s Facebook page when the story emerged. Parents were demanding to know why they had been kept in the dark and some complained directly to the school.

Stratford School was asked today (Friday) to clarify why parents were not told about the arrest but they declined to comment.

Clay had been teaching at the school for only 13 days before he was arrested and it was stressed in court there was no suggestion he had ever behaved improperly towards a child.

Earlier this week, headteacher Neil Wallace said in a statement: “He was suspended as soon as we were informed of the investigation and has subsequently been dismissed. The offences concerned did not involve Stratford School in anyway.”

But mum Karen said: “He was working at the school, he was arrested at the school, but still nothing to do with us parents?”

Another mother, who did not wish to be named, has one child in Year 7 and another due to start next year. She went further, calling for disciplinary action against school staff.

“This shouldn’t have been kept quiet and gone to press before we were told,” she said, adding that she was now “very reluctant” to send her second child to the school.

But others on Facebook have defended the head. Louise Chapman said: “It is just a shame that some people are being so negative toward the school and the new head, when all of this was no fault of theirs.

“Perhaps we should be offering support at this time and not allowing the school's reputation to be muddied.”

Clay, who was living in Alcester Road at the time of his arrest, pleaded guilty to 21 charges of possessing indecent images of children. He had been downloading images of children, mainly boys, since he was 18 years old.

He was sentenced at Warwick Crown Court to eight months in prison suspended for two years. He was also ordered to take part in an internet sex offender treatment programme, to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and to pay £340 costs.

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