Walkwood School is a Church of England school in Feckenham Road, Redditch, for children aged 9 to 13. It has approximately 640 pupils.

A statement released by the school this afternoon said: “We are aware that David Doubtfire, former Headteacher at Walkwood School, will appear at Worcester Magistrate’s Court on Friday on charges which are unrelated to children or his former role at the school.

“Mr Doubtfire has not been at Walkwood since we were informed about the police investigation and formally resigned as Head when the charges were brought. We are unable to comment further while the court process is ongoing.”

Last year, Mr Doubtfire controversially banned girls at the school from wearing skirts and blouses.

“Some of the older girls were beginning to wear extremely short skirts,” said Mr Doubtfire at the time.

“It was becoming difficult, especially when it came to them sitting down in the school hall. It was very unladylike.

“We would ask them to make their skirts longer, but they would just roll them up again when we turned away.”

Their uniform was changed to trousers and shirts, to match the boys.