“The police haven’t done anything,” he said. “They haven’t phoned me, I keep phoning them and bugging the hell out of them.”

A neighbour rang police at 12.37am on the day when she saw two men acting suspiciously around the quad bike.

A security guard also called police about the van, and when Brendan got home at 3am he phoned them to report his vehicle stolen.

Worth between £800 and £1,500, the Alcester man has only had the quad bike for eight months and was looking forward to using it much more in the summer.

He’s now going to lodge a formal complaint against Warwickshire Police.

He said: “I believe if they did what they could have done at the time I would have my quad bike. Now, I think it’s gone forever.”

Warwickshire Police said investigations were still ongoing and officers were waiting to recover CCTV footage.