The Herald has talked with people who call themselves responsible cyclists and who ride on the town’s pavements. They say they’re too scared to use the roads which they describe as dangerous and frightening places to be. They also don’t see why the lives of their children should be put at risk by cycling on Stratford’s busy roads.

But some pedstrians in the town oppose this reasoning. They say cyclists shouldn’t even be on the pavements in the first place because they’re breaking the law. and they fear it’s only a matter of time before a pedestrian, resident or possibly even a tourist is seriously injured – perhaps fatally – as a result of a bike crashing into them.

Embedded within the debate there’s also the fundamental question about individual freedom. Both parties say they choose to live and work in Stratford because of its charisma and its history, but our investigation reveals that the town is not alone when confronting this thorny issue. According to one motoring organisation – The Automobile Association – selfish pavement cycling is widespread across the country and on the increase.

Talk of the whole situation spiralling out of control is perhaps premature but what the Herald investigation clearly shows is the debate is ongoing, can be discussed from several intelligent viewpoints, has effectively split public opinion and is undeniably heating up.

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Tony Jefferson is a keen campaigner on pedestrian safety.