“Moving specifically to the development, unacceptable levels of increased traffic will put pressure on Clopton Bridge and other local roads will be adversely affected.

“Due to the top down planning policies imposed on the district council, opportunistic developers are exploiting the situation.”

More than 150 local residents opposed to the Loxley Road development recently attended a meeting at Stratford Town FC organised by CAUSE (Campaign Against Urban Sprawl and Exploitation) which has vowed to fight the 270 home planning application put forward by developers, Gallagher’s.

Like the town council, “No” campaigners argue 270 new homes on Loxley Road would create traffic congestion and educational demands the area couldn’t cope with.

In addition to the concern expressed by Loxley Road residents, neighbouring communities in Banbury Road, Bridgetown, Tiddington and Alveston say they fear the scheme would gridlock Stratford completely.

At the meeting, residents were told if the housing scheme was passed the knock-on effect could bring chaos to the local community; 500 extra cars on local roads, a severe shortage of school places at Tiddington and Bridgetown and finally a body blow to tourism, “who wants to come and visit Stratford-upon-Housing Estate?” one resident asked.

Concern was also expressed over wider issues regarding the consultation process associated with the town’s Core Strategy and the possible provision of 2,500 to 3,000 houses south of the river, this would result in over a 40% increase in the total number of houses in Stratford since 2011.

The planning application and the town council’s objection now goes to district council planning in April or early May.