Cllr Bob Stevens (Cons, Feldon), Warwickshire County Council’s portfolio holder for health, said: “We’ve not always performed that well in this area, but these latest statistics have not only put us ahead of the national average, we are also performing well against our statistical neighbours.”

Luke Carter, the council’s Respect Yourself Campaign manager, said: “This success has been achieved by a concerted effort from a wide range of partners over many years.

“We’re not complacent, we are aware that children of teenage parents are much more likely to experience factors such as low educational achievement or poverty.

“We are continuing to develop what we do, for instance piloting a new evidence based resource to support primary schools to deliver more effective relationships and sex education.”

Warwickshire’s director of public health, John Linnane, said: “Teenage pregnancy can be associated with poor educational achievement, poor physical and mental health and social isolation, so it is vital this downward trend continues.

“Public Health Warwickshire and Warwickshire County Council are committed to further reducing teenage pregnancy rates in the county, as well as providing support for young parents and young adults to make informed choices.

“Evidence shows us that young people need comprehensive sex and relationship education in and out of school and targeted support for those most at risk.”

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