John Radcliffe, one of the campaigners, explained the reason behind the protest.

He said: “This development would not only cause huge traffic disruption to residents in the wider Stratford community, but would also have a generally bad effect on the environment, with increased pollution.”

Members of the Long Marston Airfield Action Group have collected over 280 signatures from 180 homes to petition against the plan.

The group say that the building proposals, along with other local developments in the pipeline, would result in some 15,000 extra vehicle movements each day.

On Wednesday, Stratford District Council revealed Long Marston Airfield was the second most likely location for a new housing settlement, behind Gaydon and Lighthorne Heath.

Here are all the options, in order of preference.

1) Gaydon and Lighthorne Heath – 3,000 homes

2) Long Marston Airfield – 3,500 homes

3) Southam and Stoneythorpe – over 1,000 homes

4) Dispersal of houses around the district

5) South-east Stratford – 2,750 homes.

Last minute proposals to build 1,600 homes on Wellesbourne Airfield and 750 homes at Lower Clopton were not strong enough to be considered alongside the initial five plans.

A final decision on which scheme should go forward will be made by a special full meeting of the council on 12th May.