The second choices of those who voted for Mr Pithie are now being counted to decide who is elected. In total, 66,085 people in Warwickshire voted, just 15.65% of the electorate.

When asked why he thought he was eliminated in the first round, Mr Pithie said: “I think people are struggling to understand what the role was about. That has played a part in the very little turnout.

“At the end of the day I failed to persuade enough people to vote for me, of course I am personally disappointed but I accept the outcome. The people have spoken.”

Labour's James Plaskitt was helped hugely by people from Warwick and Leamington, where he was MP for 13 years between 1997-2010. In that area, Mr Plaskitt received 8,868 votes, a significant amount more than Mr Pithie (5,505) and Mr Ball (5,263).