The river level on Waterside and the recreation ground in Stratford is rising and with further rainfall predicted this afternoon, conditions are expected to get worse.

The Environment Agency issued a flood warning for Stratford at 7.40am this morning, sayingL “The river level is rising slowly and is expected to continue rising over the next few hours. “Over the past 24 hours, there has been 20 millimetres of rain. Further rainfall is expected through this afternoon and the river is expected to continue to rise through this afternoon and evening.”

The River Avon flooding the recreation ground in Stratford this morning. Photo: Jason Adams

Areas affected include Warwick Road, Tiddington Road, Bridgefoot, Waterside, Shipston Road, Avonside, Saffron Walk, Stratford Racecourse area and Luddington Road. At 3am this morning Rayford Caravan Park on Tiddington Road was evacuated, and this morning, residents woke up to floods on Stratford Racecourse.

Stratford Racecourse was flooded on Thursday morning.

The agency also issued warnings for Welford at 7.50am and Bidford at 9am.

Yesterday, schools were closed, trains were delayed and driving conditions were severely affected after heavy rainfall in the south Warwickshire area.

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