Both West Midlands Ambulance Service and Warwickshire Fire and Rescue are concerned by the number of people who have failed to take suitable precautions on flooded roads.

WMAS General Manager, Nathan Hudson said: “No-one can have missed the heavy rain and strong winds that battered the region. However, despite this, we were called out to several incidents where cars have tried to pass through flooded roads, fords, and small rivers and got stuck.

“People who attempt to pass through flooded roads are not only putting their own lives at risk, but also the lives of the emergency services staff who have to rescue them. A little bit of common sense from the public will ensure that no one’s life is put in any unnecessary danger.

Some motorists are still ploughing through fast flowing flood water at Welford near Stratford-upon-Avon.

“Perhaps surprisingly, we have had to deal with a remarkable number of stuck 4x4s. Just because your vehicle has four wheel drive, does not make it amphibious. They too can become stuck in deep flood water.”

On Friday, firefighters had to be called out to the River Arrow near Coughton to rescue three elderly people from a car in dramatic scenes after the driver attempted to drive across a ford.

Fire Control Watch Commander, Clare Cowley, said firefighters had received a large number of calls from motorists requesting assistance towing their vehicles out of flood water.

“I would like to remind residents that we are a '999' service, which is for emergencies only. In light of this I would urge motorists not to drive through flood water, regardless of how safe you think it might be.”