Today (Friday) Mr Ball told the Herald: “I have asked for a review of the decision. It is actually an operational matter, which is strictly not my remit, but there is clearly a public interest element to what has happened here.

“I have asked them to go back and look at it again and report back to me.”

On Monday 23rd April this year a car failed to negotiate the Market Cross roundabout in Bridge Street, Stratford and ploughed into a crowd of coffee drinkers and pedestrians, leaving a total of seven people hurt.

The police decision not to prosecute because of “insufficient evidence” came as a blow to some of those people hurt in the accident.

One of them, Heather Coleau—who spent a month in hospital with brain injuries and a fractured skull—said: “I just can’t believe this! Surely the victims of this horrendous crash are owed some sort of explanation. We deserve some answers. The public need to know what really happened.”

For the full story of the not-to-prosecute decision see the current issue of the Herald, published on 29th November 2012.

Ron Ball, Warwickshire's police commissioner