He adapted a lego stop motion animation created in America, editing and adding subtitles, and turning it into a tongue-in-cheek video about the difficulties of parking and shopping in Shipston.

He said: “Although it is kind of a joke there is a semi-serious message in there as well.

“I think the key thing that is always overlooked in Shipston is access.

“A lot of people have said that people with children or disabilities cannot get around, the shops to get stuff.”

The row over Ainscough Strategic Land’s application to build a supermarket, petrol station and housing on the green field site off Campden Road has been raging in Shipston for months.

The decision has been pushed back several times, but Stratford District Council's planning committee (east) are meeting on Thursday January 24th at 6pm in Shipston High School to consider the application.

The supermarket is proposed on the land in between Shipston (right) and the IMI Norgren site (left).