The local historian, art dealer and former Alcester Grammar School pupil, aged 23, started well in the dating game featured on ITV but in the end not one of the girls fancied going on a date with Adam and one-by-one they switched their lights off signalling a ‘no interest’ vote in the eligible batchelor who works at Warwick Castle as head of the history team at the castle.

But, in a strange twist of fate, even though Adam didn’t flick the switch for the girls in the studio, his tv appearance, which saw him playing a lute in Tudor costume at a banquet, has attracted scores of admirers who watched him on last week’s show.

“It’s been really amazing,” Adam said, “I didn’t get a date and all the girls turned their lights off to show they weren’t interested in me but afterwards I had loads of women contacting me on Facebook and twitter asking to go out with me or showing some sort of interest so that’s been really nice.

I thoroughly enjoyed filming the piece last December and, “yes,” I probably would do it again if asked,” Adam told the Herald.