Commenting on the internet broadcasting of the event, the meeting’s chairman Cllr Danny Kendall (Cons, Wellesbourne) said: “This will enable as many people as possible to view the proceedings live or at a time that suits them, from their workplace, home or any other place with access to the internet.

“Webcasts are an excellent way to give the wider community an insight into local democracy. It will provide everyone with an opportunity to view local decision making affecting their community.” The broadcast can be viewed at during and after the meeting.

In a 107-page report to councillors the officials cite five main reasons for recommending refusal of the proposals being put forward by Broadview Energy:

The harmful effect on landscape and visual amenity.

The detrimental impact on local residents.

The risks to aviation because of the turbines appearing on radar, causing visual “clutter” and masking the movements of aircraft.

The impact on heritage assets such as Burton Dassett Beacon Tower and Knightcote Manor

The potential harm to archaeological remains.

The planning officials say that although the wind turbines would be there for a “temporary” period of 25 years, considerable harm would be experienced over that length of time.