The 24-year-old from Bishops Stortford said: “Well I am running the London Marathon in April so I’m always up for doing exercise that helps raise funds for charity.”

From 12 noon today (Thursday) until 12 noon tomorrow there will be somebody running on the treadmill which cannot drop below 6mph.

There’s also a rowing machine for people to warm up on, a cake sale, collecting buckets, and a raffle.

Kirsty, who came sixth in Miss World, agreed to help out Xtreme Gyms, who are running the fitness round at this year’s Miss England competition.

Miss England with James Evans, from Xtreme Gyms.

James Evans, the young Royal Marine recruit who runs Xtreme Gyms said: “It’s all for sport relief, this year the theme is running, cycling, or rowing, so we thought why not do something that’s a little but crazy and a little bit challenging.”

All of the Xtreme Gyms boot camp members have signed up for shifts – (and so has Herald reporter Matt Wilson).

But there are still some 30 minute slots available, so the team are trying to recruit people from around Waterside and the Bancroft Gardens to do their bit for charity.

“We want to raise the profile for Sport Relief and raise the profile for fitness,” said James.

Xtreme Gyms boot camps started in Stratford in October.

They hold fitness sessions at FISSC (Farmers Insitute Sports and Social Club) on Knights Lane in Tiddington on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and a further boot camp on Stratford recreation ground on Saturday.

Do you want to help out? Go down and offer your support or if you want to run for 30 minutes call James on 07584 900996.