Adrian Hart, of Warwickshire County Council, said that some ideas could be implemented quite quickly, in the next six to 12 months.

Fitting kerbside detectors on pedestrian crossings so red lights only show when people are using them will cost just £5,000.

But long-term solutions like building the mini-roundabout, and a slip-road into the Tesco car park will prove more expensive.

Roy Dyer, a 69-year-old Clopton Estate resident, thinks a roundabout at the Justins Avenue junction is worth the £50,000 it will cost.

“Turning out of Justins Avenue is an absolute nightmare,” he said. “Any hold-up on that junction affects the whole Birmingham Road, I know it’s taxpayer’s money, I know it’s my money, but on this occasion I think it is a good idea.”

The list of ideas will be unveiled to the public at the Community Forum event at 2.30pm, Thursday, at King Edward VI School.

They will then be looked at by the county council, but Mr Hart hopes to get at several done in the next two years.

The chairman of the study group, Cllr Peter Balaam, said: “There will always be a problem but some of these suggestions will be of significant help if upheld.”

For the full details on the solutions to Birmingham Road’s traffic problem, pick up Thursday’s Stratford Herald.