Helen Lancaster, Director of Nursing, said: “The feedback from patients on their experience across the community and our hospitals is essential for each department to gauge how well they are performing. Many of our teams have made improvements on the back of the suggestions made by patients.”

The results come after Warwick Hospital was rated 4th in the Dr Foster Hospital guide for NHS hospitals in 2012, and received the ‘UK’s Most Improved Hospital’ award in 2011.

The trust’s Shipston-born Chief Executive, Glen Burley, said: “Patient experience is a really important measure of quality and therefore it is great that we have been amongst the top trusts from the start. We can always learn a lot from patient comments so the trust will continue to use patient feedback to drive our services forward.”

Happier workers

Staff at hospitals in south Warwickshire are also happier with their jobs than the majority of other NHS workers in the UK.

Each year the Department of Health asks NHS staff a variety of questions about their employers and the results of their 2012 survey were published last week.

The trust scored in the top 20 per cent in the majority of categories and workers are above the national average for job satisfaction. The only area which was below the national average was linked to staff appraisals.

Mr Burley said: “Recent events elsewhere in the NHS have highlighted the importance of having the right organisational culture. I believe that if your staff are motivated, connected and would recommend your services then it is a very positive indicator of quality.”

Sessions are planned for staff to discuss their views on NHS culture linked to the findings of the Francis Report into the care scandal at Stafford Hospital.

The trust oversees Warwick Hospital, Stratford Hospital, Ellen Badger Hospital in Shipston, and Leamington Rehabilitation Hospital.

It is paying off an £18.5 million debt this month. Click here to read more.