A spokesperson said: “We do a travel count every year, but nothing quite as comprehensive as this.”

In car parks this morning, drivers are also being asked questions about their journey into town by surveyors with clipboards.

Updating what is known as the ‘Stratford Model’, the findings will be used to pinpoint areas which need traffic works over the next year. They are due to be released in three weeks.

Traffic is a daily problem in Stratford and this survey comes after a steering group outlined 14 different ways of tackling congestion on Birmingham Road.

The busy arterial route into town is due to have its eighth set of traffic lights within one mile put in, and a mixture of short and long-term solutions are being looked at.

Cameras are on Birmingham Road, Evesham Road, Alcester Road, Warwick Road and others. The survey is costing less than £30,000, and was labelled a “bargain.”