The household will now be home to not one but two top-end cars, after Steve bought himself a Porsche 4×4 for the first time just two months ago.

The 48-year-old said: “I had a Range Rover in the past but I’d always fancied a Porsche so I finally bought one in May, and now I have two.

“I’m not a car nut but I do like driving nice cars so I thought I would try the Porsche and I’ve been really pleased. But to have won another is quite surreal, it’s unbelievable.”

He said his wife Jayne and daughter Jade hadn’t believed him when he had called to tell them the exciting news.

“My wife was beside herself, she was giggling all day; I don’t think she really believed it. We were just trying to decide what car to get as she needed to replace her company car, well that was an easy decision to make.”

He and his wife will share the cars, and doesn’t think his daughter will get anywhere near it, apart from the passenger seat.

Mr Wortley played online car competition, Best of the Best, but had no expectations of winning.

BOTB delivered the car to his office at Outsauce, in Cheltenham, and he said: “I knew straight away what was happening and I was shaking just a bit. I’m just glad they didn’t tell me to take it for a drive.”

Mr Garton added: “He has proven he is a better man than all of us as he’s actually going to give it to his wife. That’s love for you.”