The dog was tasered, and eyewitnesses say it was ‘flapping about’.

Believed to be either a Pit Bull Mastiff or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, it was taken to the vets afterwards but was unharmed.

The police officer was taken to hospital for treatment.

Inspector Darren Webster of Warwickshire Police said: “It is our duty to protect the public from harm first and foremost and in this instance, the use of a taser was appropriate and proportionate to the threat posed by the dog which was being highly aggressive to both the officers and its owner.”

The incident took place between just before 12 noon and half a dozen police cars descended on the area to deal with it.

“This was a very busy area in central Stratford and unfortunately the taser was required to ensure the dog did not harm anyone else,” explained Insp Webster.

“The dog was taken straight to the vets and sustained no injuries.  One officer was injured and taken to hospital.”

Adam Smith, aged 32 of Evesham Place, Stratford, has been charged with assault of a police officer and with being in charge of dog dangerously out of control.

He appeared in front of magistrates on Thursday and has been remanded in custody until a later court date.