In an exclusive article written in Iraq for the Herald, Mr Zahawi says that to confront the threat from IS the West needs a clear strategy.

“Vital to this is continued humanitarian aid to the refugees, military support to the Kurds and political backing for a unity government in Baghdad,” he writes.

Mr Zahawi – who travelled to Iraq to gain a greater understanding of what was happening on the ground – said the embattled Kurds did not want British or American boots on the ground. It was lack of firepower that was holding them back.

“For the Kurds, this is their fight, and one they believe they can win with better equipment, and longer-term training and co-ordination with Western allies,” he writes.

Nadhim Zahawi's special report is on Page 6 of today's Herald.

Nadhim Zahawi’s special report is on Page 6 of today’s Herald.

And he declares: “It is in our interests to oppose the rise of those who would do anything possible to threaten our way of life if they became powerful enough to do so. And we have a duty to do what we can to help protect these innocent people from slaughter.”

The MP also pays tribute to the work of Britons who are helping with the humanitarian aid effort.

He writes: “We should be immensely proud of the role British aid workers and our armed forces have played. We have been at the forefront of the humanitarian relief effort, delivering more than eight tonnes of vital supplies to Mount Sinjar, and sending more than £13 million in UK aid.

To read the full article from Mr Zahawi in Iraq see today’s Stratford Herald.

82-year-old Khalil with his granson, who walked for three days to escape the onslaught of the Islamic State fighters.

82-year-old Khalil with his grandson, who walked for three days to escape the onslaught of the Islamic State fighters.