Qamar Khan is the young superintendent pharmacist behind the venture.

“We’re here for the modern patients,” said the Birmingham 28-year-old who’s been a pharmacist for five years.

“Obviously a lot of people are in full time employment and they don’t have the time to go to the pharmacy.”

The four pharmacists working at DELmyMEDS, based at Wixford business park, deliver the medicine themselves so they are able to counsel patients on the doorstep.

There’s no delivery charge on their prescription medicine, it costs £8.05 at your door, the same as if you walked into a pharmacy.

“It seems like there’s quite a few people who are concerned about the issue of transport to this health centre,” said Mr Khan.

Doctors at Bidford health centre are advising patients not to use the bus stop on the 50mph Stratford Road, but are seeing patients in the village if they are unable to get to their new premises.

“When you have to see a doctor, you have to see a doctor,” he admitted.

“But a lot of people are finding, because it’s a dispensing practice, they’re going there [Bidford health centre] specifically to collect their prescription.

“We can do that for them and then we can deliver it to them. It’s for their convenience.”

On 11th July Stratford’s MP Nadhim Zahawi visited the pharmacy, approved by the General Pharmaceutical Council in February.

Soon, Mr Khan hopes to be able to get patients to send photos of their prescriptions over WhatsApp messaging service, or get them to produce it on Skype and FaceTime video-calls.

To rule out fakes, the pharmacists have to see the prescriptions when they deliver the meds.

“Pretty much everybody has got a smartphone,” said Mr Khan. “If people were to take a photo of their prescription and then message through WhatsApp, it would come to us and we would dispense it.” is now live and delivering to South Warwickshire.

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