But a council officer has “incomprehensibly” recommended granting Tesco’s application to put in automatic grey rail sliding doors on the Grade II listed building.

Two years ago the council adopted a shop fronts design guide, using taxpayers’ money to help keep Stratford’s historic spine traditional.

“Jack Wills were the first to improve their shop front, the latest being the Zeiss shop,” explained Kevin Bond, chairman of the Stratford Society, which initiated the shop fronts scheme.

“It seems incomprehensible that an officer can recommend an approval against their own policy at a time when other shops are improving.

“It’s very important that when people come along like Tesco that we take the opportunity of improving it,” he added. “The current shop front is an absolute eyesore.”

Just a few doors down from the new Tesco Express, clothing company Jack Wills built a traditional shop front to look like dark wood, similar to WH Smith next door.

Making “strong objections” to Tesco’s proposed front, Stratford Town Council said: “This is a shop in the historic spine of the town.

“The existing shop front is poor architecturally and needs to be replaced with a traditional and sensitive frontage. Unfortunately the replacement frontage does not achieve this.

“Jack Wills is a great example of where a new traditional shop front has been sympathetically installed in the town centre.”

A decision will be made tonight whether to accept Tesco’s proposed front by Stratford District Council’s west area planning committee.

Mr Bond is going along to voice the society’s disapproval.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “It’s important that we fit in with both the local surroundings and the community.”