Despite his extra-curricular activities, class teaching has remained his passion.

“I just love the class teaching relationship,” said the Shottery Road resident.

“I’ve been responsible for Year 6 for the last 25 years of my career, it’s been a great privilege to see them through quite a traumatic year of transition into secondary school.

“There’s the 11-plus and Key Stage 2 Sats, for them it’s a scary time and stressful time.”

Now teaching children of his ex-pupils, Mr Butler was a big part in the formation of The Willows Friends, acting as the staff representative on the parent teacher association for many years.

For decades he’s organised Year 6’s annual trip to the Isle of Wight.

“It’s quite an important landmark in their lives, the first time they go away without their parents,” he said.

“We go in April and you can almost see how they’ve grown in confidence afterwards.”

Tomorrow, Mr Butler is taking his last ever Year 6 leavers’ assembly.

Last week, 50 Year 6 pupils jumped into an old blue double decker bus and picked him up from his house.

“Waving regally from the top”, he had a “closed-bus parade” around Stratford.

School head Janis McBride said: “His send off on an old fashioned Routemaster bus was a fitting tribute to a teacher; who in the words of the children in assembly called him the Legend Mr B.”

Looking forward to spending more hours with friends and family, Mr Butler said: “It has been a huge privilege to be a part of Stratford’s community for so long.

“There has been lots of changes in the national curriculum, whatever the changes the joys of the job remains.

“Ultimately, you’re trying to bring something to those children that is going to enhance their life and make their life richer in experience.”