Within a split second Struan Robertson, from Warwick, who had been enjoying a Sunday morning stroll with his wife and young family, jumped into six feet of water and grabbed the little boy who by this time was lying face down floating on the surface of the water.

“I screamed when the boy fell in,” said Struan’s wife Suzanne.

“It literally happened so quickly my thoughts were whizzing at a hundred miles per hour, suddenly Struan had got hold of the boy who was crying and brought him safely to the river bank.

“Everyone standing round cheered and called Struan a hero and I was very proud that I could say it was my husband who jumped in to save the boy.”

Not much is known of the small lad who was re-united with his grateful dad who thanked Struan for his lifesaving bravery.

Suzanne and Struan think the boy’s family come from Southern England—judging by their accents—but despite initial phone contact to establish if he was safe and well when he got home, the Robertsons have not heard anything further from the boy’s family.

They don’t even know his name.

After his heroic act, Struan dried off on a nearby narrow boat and the family made their way home.

“We were hoping to have a good look round the Stratford River Festival on Sunday but we can always do that next year,” said Suzanne.

“The main thing is the little boy is safe and hopefully not too shocked by his experience.”

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