Residents are angry with both call centre company Sitel, which employs 650 people nearby, and Warwickshire County Council.

“We are just worried at some point there will be a serious car accident or children will be hit by a car,” said 35-year-old mum-of-two, Anna Stowe.

“There has been lots of near-miss accidents because it’s so dangerous.”

A lot of families are concerned their young children will run out in front of parked cars snaking around both sides of the windy road.

It’s been a problem for nearly two years, but this week, their patience snapped.

“We have been in contact with the council and staff and everybody keeps fobbing us off,” said an exasperated Anna.

“We will continue to put the bins out in the short term, until Highways take some action.”

Some have gone as far to call the police when motorists leave their cars parked on the street for days on end.

But because St Peter’s Way is still an unadopted road, the council is still deciding what restrictions, if any, to put in place.

The estate was built over eight years ago and residents are annoyed it’s taking so long for the council to adopt it.

Last year, the Stratford Parkway station was built opposite St Peter’s Way at a cost of £6.9 million and, whilst it has 300 spaces, parking costs £4 a day.

Resident Julian Bannister said: “This has forced local business employees to use local residential streets for parking, and leaving the huge car park built and funded by tax paying residents to sit empty most days.”

Residents have complained to most companies on Timothy’s Bridge Road but their anger is directed mainly at Sitel.

“I mainly blame the council for an inept attitude to take this issue seriously, along with the likes of Sitel that don’t work with the local residents to resolve issues they impact on,” said Julian.

Sue Mason, 33, has lived on St Peter’s Way for eight years. Sympathising with Sitel’s staff, who are “just trying to get work” she blames the management.

“It’s not fair that we have to go through this just because Sitel don’t have enough parking spaces,” she said.

A spokesperson for Sitel said: “Sitel obviously takes its matters regarding the local community seriously and is looking into the matter.”

UPDATE: The council are expected to make a decision on the road on 25th July.