While they are here, the charity organises fun activities such as swimming, horse riding, farm visits, kite flying and picnics.

Last Thursday, the children, who come from Mogilev in Belarus, rode ponies around Home Farm in Compton Verney.

Donna Jenkins, Group Organiser of Stratford Riding for the Disabled said, “Our ponies and volunteers really enjoyed taking the children around the fields and through the wood where they had a treasure hunt.

“It was a beautiful sunny day and a pleasure to offer them the opportunity to ride as well as grooming and tacking up the ponies.  We look forward to welcoming them back in 2015.”

Wherever possible the charity bring the same children each year, and ongoing research by doctors both in Russia and the USA suggest this boosts the battered immune system of the children and is increasing their life expectancy by at least two years.

In April 1986 a huge nuclear acccident at the Chernobyl power plant killed 31 people. It caused widespread contamination in parts of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, with long-term effects.