Although she was shaken, the woman managed to escape injury, but a man in his 60s standing inside the shop suffered a broken leg.

Speaking to the Herald today, Mr Patel described what happened, and thanked the many local people who have offered to help.

“I’d just finished serving a customer and we were having a chat and all of a sudden I heard a screeching noise of tyres,” he said.

“She mounted the pavement and next thing you hear is a loud bang and the whole of the car was inside the shop. It all happened so quickly you couldn’t react.”

Wedged inside the shop, the car pinned the leg of one of Mr Patel’s regular customers.

“I climbed over the counter to see if the lady was alright, and if Brian was alright,” said Mr Patel. “As soon as it happened, people from the shops around came to see if everybody was alright too.”

The emergency services arrived quickly, just after 2pm, and helped the woman out of the car. Brian was taken to Warwick Hospital.

“I went to see him in hospital yesterday,” said Mr Patel. “They think the bone just underneath the knee is cracked.”

Having boarded up the shop, he’s assessing the damage with his insurance company tomorrow (Tuesday).

But he’s been inundated with texts from people offering to help and wishing him well.

“I want to say thank you for the support from the local people who have come in and given us encouragement for opening the shop up again and offered to help clean up.” said Mr Patel. “I’ve had so many texts.”