In the video the park warden says: “This is provoking a riot.”

Busker Jack Morgan responds: “I’m just standing up for my rights, this isn’t China.”

“You have no rights on private property,” says the park warden. “Jack, it’s private land and you know it,” he adds.

Following a front page article in last week’s Herald, some online comments claimed the person instructing the busker to stop playing was a bin man, and not a park warden provided by The Landscape Group on behalf of Stratford District Council.

But this footage clearly identifies the man as a park warden. When he turns around, it is written on the reverse of his orange reflective vest. His blue sweat shirt has the words The Landscape Group written on its front.

The Landscape Group are paid by the council to look after the district’s green areas and verges. They recently installed three new park wardens to patrol the Bancroft Gardens and recreation ground.

A spokesperson for Stratford District Council said today: “The whole issue with the buskers has been resolved now and the district council’s position hasn’t changed on this from last week.

“The district council apologise for the buskers being caught up in the recent enforcement action on Bancroft Gardens and has now worked with Stratforward to initiate the Buskers’ Code.

“As far as we are aware it was a park warden that was involved in the incident.”