Warwickshire Trading Standards Service, working with Stratford District Council’s environmental health service, visited six High Street salons in the district and tested the UV emissions of 12 sunbeds.

Sunbeds must not emit UV levels higher than 0.3 W/m² (equivalent to the intensity of the midday sun in the summer in the Mediterranean).

Salons also need to ensure that they are restricting access to sunbeds to anyone aged below 18 years.

In the year 2013 there was a reported eight per cent rise from the previous year in the number of reported incidences of malignant melanoma in Warwickshire.

In 2013 the number of reported incidents rose to 81. Problems were identified with four beds used in two salons.

Two sunbeds were found to be emitting UV radiation over 0.46W/m².

Where sun-beds were found to be non-compliant, salon owners voluntarily undertook to correct the problems.

Tanning sunbeds use ultraviolet lamps to provide a cosmetic tan.

The safe limits stipulated in the British Standard are equivalent to the UV radiation emitted by the midday Mediterranean sun.

Officers testing the sunbeds checked that the fluorescent lamps were not too strong and that only lamps that meet the British Standard were being used.

High levels of UV radiation from equipment can cause injuries and ill health to both staff and customers.

Simon Cripwell from Trading Standards said: “We didn’t feel it would be fair to salon owners to name those businesses where problems had been identified.

“This is because where issues had been found, these were immediately and voluntarily rectified by the salon owner without the need for further enforcement action.

“Further, owners were genuinely shocked that some of their equipment was not operating properly and showed us they wanted to take the correct steps.

“Now salon owners understand that their machines could be operating incorrectly, we want them to come to us if they feel there is a problem and we don’t feel that naming businesses where problems had been identified would encourage this.”