“It’s incredibly dangerous,” explained mother-of-two Mary-Anne Vitty.

“We’re stuck in that Catch 22 where we desperately want to walk our children to school, but you feel like you’re running the gauntlet every day.”

Concerns have been bubbling for a while but then a month ago there was an accident outside the school involving two cars.

The road is used as a ‘rat run’ between Bidford and the A46.

“There’s not been any children injured, but there are regular bumps and scrapes,” said the 37-year-old mother, whose five-year-old daughter Milly started school last September.

“It’s a scary walk, to be honest, and you feel like you’re constantly shouting at them [the children] to get back with you,” said the campaigner, who also has to take her three-year-old son Thomas with her.

Mr Zahawi walks along Grafton Lane with parents and schoolchildren.

Mr Zahawi walks along Grafton Lane this moring with parents and schoolchildren.

Parents want the speed limit reduced to 30mph along the road, and more signs alerting motorists to the school.

“As they drive out of Temple Grafton approaching Ardens Grafton it just has a national speed limit sign, and the road does curve so they won’t necessarily know there are children coming towards them,” said Mrs Vitty.

“You just fear for that moment, especially if they don’t know there’s a school there.”

Over the past two years the number of children walking from Ardens Grafton to the school has increased.

More families have children old enough for school and now 14 of their 99 pupils get to school that way. More would walk if it weren’t so dangerous.

Although the parish council has tried to raise awareness of speeding on that road, the issue is not going away and parents are worried new homes in Bidford will mean more cars racing through Grafton Lane.

Mrs Vitty is worried nothing will be done “until there’s a fatality”.

“But we don’t want to get to that point,” she said and so she invited the MP to walk from her house to the school and meet headteacher Sarah Hendry.

Mrs Hendry said: “We are very supportive of what Mrs Vitty’s trying to do. It’s been an ongoing concern for some time. A lot more parents who live within walking distance would like to walk their children to school.”