Mr Zahawi has received a growing number of complaints from residents and businesses frustrated with slow moving traffic, out-of-sync traffic lights and parking issues they have encountered throughout Stratford.

“Traffic delays and congestion in Stratford have become increasingly problematic, impacting on businesses and residents alike,” said Mr Zahawi.

“While we cannot solve these problems overnight, I want to make sure that we explore every option and that all parties are doing everything in their power to tackle these concerns.”

The aim of the summit is to bring together local councils, business representatives and members of the public to look at ways of dealing with the growing traffic congestion issues in the town.

Representatives have been invited from Warwickshire County Council, Stratford District Council, Stratford Transport Group, Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership,Stratforward Bid, Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce and Warwickshire Police.

Mr Zahawi is encouraging people who are unable to attend to send their thoughts to him via e-mail at with the subject line “traffic summit.”

Traffic congestion in Stratford has become an increasingly thorny issue in recent years, with the town’s roads and general infrastructure unable to cope with what some people regard as willy-nilly over development and the installation of a succession of new traffic lights, especially on Birmingham Road.

Various suggestions have been put forward to rectify the problems, including the building of relief roads, or even an entire ring road, to take pressure off Stratford town centre.

One of the focal points of concern is the medieval river crossing known as Clopton Bridge. Although the centuries-old structure continues to provide an extraordinary service considering its age, there are fears that it cannot carry heavy traffic for ever.

The government-approved scheme to build 800 homes on land west of Shottery contains provision for a relief road, but there’s no indication yet when that will be built.

The proposals to build 3,500 homes on Long Marston Airfield also contained plans for a relief road to link up with the Shottery relief road, aimed at offering a continuous route from Clifford Chambers on Campden Road across Evesham Road and up to Alcester Road. But the Long Marston option was dropped in favour of the scheme for a 3,000-home new settlement at Gaydon and Lighthorne Heath.